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Sales Success for Small Business

Sales tactics, networking, prospecting, and improving selling skills is all here. Begin to improve your sales today.

5 Ways to Sell Yourself and Your Business Without Feeling Slimy
Self-promotion is difficult for many small business owners. These tips will help you sell yourself and your small business when you are uncomfortable with sales.

7 Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them
Sales objections come with opportunity if you can formulate the right arguments. Use these arguments to overcome seven of the most common sales objections.

4 Techniques for Overcoming Sales Objections When Selling Makes You Antsy
Use these techniques below to overcome sales objections and get a step closer to closing the sale.

The Key to Identifying Sales Objections
Learn how to ask questions and listen for signs of common sales objections in order to identify and overcome objections.

How to Generate Sales Leads in Your Small Business
Successful small business owners have a system to find and cultivate sales leads. These tips will help you create your own efficient system.

Successful Sales Tips for Small Business Owners
Use these tips, resources and advice to sell your small business products and services more effectively.

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service
Social media can be a powerful customer service tool for small businesses. These tips to help you get started and stay on top of customer service through social media.

Sales Team Lessons from the World’s Greatest Sales Force
They are a sales force of 3.7 million. Their products are not available in stores. Annual sales are $700 million in only 3 months of the year. Who is this incredible sales organization?

Choosing a Sales Incentive System
n sales, one of the most common ways to manage motivation is to use incentives. Here are some examples of popular sales incentive systems that can help you effectively boost your sales team's motivation.

Manage Your Customer Relationships or Perish
Reaching and nurturing customer relations are essential for a small business to survival. Central to managing any customer relationship is CRM or customer relationship management software. Discover the necessary survival strategy of managing customer relations with the technology of today.

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Your Referral Business
Finding the best qualified leads from your business does not come from a cold contact situation but from building a strong referral business. This week's feature looks at 7 tactics to drive the referral side of your small business.

Small Business Sales Strategies for a Tough Economy
Small business sales strategies to beat eroding margins, longer sales cycles and penny pinching clients. Five key tips to maximize your sales success.

9 Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service
Providing excellent customer service requires a number of easy steps that create an ongoing process that's memorable to your customers. Here are nine ways to start providing great customer service right now.

Sales Strategy for Competitive Advantage
In today's economy, big and small businesses are seeking every opportunity to win sales through competitive advantages. Smart small business owners know a sales strategy can create a competitive advantage.

The 5 Biggest Sales Management Blunders
Learn the biggest sales management blunders and how you can avoid them. Spending the necessary time wearing your sales manager hat will help foster a rewarding culture and build a successful sales team to boost your business to new levels.

The 5 Myths of Sales Prospecting
Sales prospecting done right can have a huge impact on your sales revenue. It doesn't take an armor suit and great courage to deal with the fear of rejection during prospecting. Just keep an open mind to challenge the old school of sales and the myths of prospecting.

The 6 Keys of Fanatical Customer Testimonies
A fanatical customer testimony is worth more than 1000 words of bland sales copy. A compelling customer testimony validates the claims you make about how great your business is.

8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation
The presentation is starting. Dim the lights. Time for a nap. These are the thoughts of many audiences subject to yet another boring business presentation. How can you awaken the cognitive powers of your audience? Start by learning the 8 secrets of a knockout business presentation.

Pricing Strategies for Small Business
The pricing strategy of your small business can ultimately determine your fate. Small business owners can ensure profitability and longevity by paying close attention to their pricing strategy.

The 8 Essentials of Corporate Gift Buying
Before you set out to find the perfect corporate gift for your clients, know the 8 essentials of corporate gift buying. Buying the perfect corporate gift for your clients has never been easier with the availability of products online and retail.

Dr. Seuss's Selling Technique
Most people have read the Dr. Seuss tale "Green Eggs & Ham", either as kids or to their children. What is interesting is the relevance this story has to selling. Learn the secrets of Dr. Seuss's selling technique and build your sales.

Ten Sure-Fire Trade Show Best Practices
Trade shows still continue to be big business for all businesses. According to The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), business-to-business spending for trade shows is third to advertising and promotion. Learn 10 trade show best practices.

Seal the Deal in Seven Seconds
Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? You can do it faster if you use a sales technique to make a great first impression. Seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression.

Secrets of Selling to Big Corporations
Selling your services to big corporations is an attractive proposition. The contracts are larger than with small businesses and individuals, and often longer-term.

The Ten Commandments of Networking
"The Ten Commandments of Networking" from the Small Business Information Canada About.com site. Follow these top ten rules for greater networking success and more business.

Top Five Traits You Gotta Have to Sell
To understand the valuable qualities in selling, experts and business owners were asked what characteristics allow a salesperson to excel.

Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Successful
The key to great trade show exhibiting is marketing. But marketing is a very inexact science that leaves room for a multitude of errors to occur. Learn to avoid exhibitors' mistakes and increase your chances for a successful trade show exhibit.

10 Ways to Master the Trade Show Giveaways Game
Gift giving creates a favorable impression. However, how many promotional trade show giveaways do an effective job? Before jumping into the trade show giveaway game consider the following...

Consultant's Crack the Billable Hour Ceiling
No matter what type of business you're in, you can use intellectual property to crack the billable hours ceiling. Here are just some of the ways to start tapping into this resource today:

Selling to Executives (Entrepreneurs)
Selling to the C-Level is the surest way to shorten your sales cycle and reduce your cost of sale. Getting in to see senior executives can be tough, but by following these guidelines you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Association Directory
The Internet Public Library by the School of Information at the University of Michigan provides a comprehensive association and organization directory. Direct links to all the associations organized by category.

Business Networking Organization
The Business Network International (BNI) is "a business and professional networking organization that offers each member the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and referrals". Every year BNI members exchange millions of dollars of leads and business. Definitely a must to your networking roster.

Improve your Selling Skills.
SalesVault offers a full sales portal with tons of tools and tips to improve your sales strategies and skills. Includes sales links on the web and even sales testing profile companies.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Since 1912, small business owners have been using the Chamber of Commerce as a premier networking opportunity. Today the Chamber has over 3,000,000 members with 96% being small business. Other services are available to save your business time and money.

World's Best Sales Trainer
No sales website would be complete without a link to Tom Hopkins. In the world of selling, Hopkins is a legend with over 3 million students and several bestsellers including "How to Master the Art of Selling". Visit Tom's site and checkout the free resources to put your company in the top echelon.

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