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17 Time Tracking Tools to Help You Manage Your Time and Boost Productivity


Time tracking is useful for anyone who wants to manage time better and become more productive. The benefits of time tracking include:

  • Creating a consistent method for tracking the time spent by your employees and team
  • Giving you clarity on how long certain tasks take so you can make your project estimates more accurate
  • Providing a documented accounting of your time so you can see what you've done and how long it took
  • Helping you see where you spend your time so you can improve your personal productivity

Here is a collection of time tracking tools that will help you get started with time tracking.

1. 1time

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1time is a web-based time and expense tracking application that allows you to easily keep track of the real cost of a project for cost analysis and billing. You can set up individual logins for your employees and team members so you don't have to micromanage recording timesheets.

2. Bill4Time


Bill4Time is a secure, online time tracking app that offers a mobile component so you can access and track your time when you're away from your computer. You can also create invoices based on your time, track expenses and generate reports.

3. BubbleTimer


BubbleTimer is a simple web app that lets you better control how you spend your time each day. It allows you to record your activities in 15-minute increments, get a clear understanding of exactly where your time is being spent, and manage your time when you're on the go via the iPhone app.

4. Cashboard


Cashboard is a time tracking tool that also includes the ability to manage expenses, create invoices, develop estimates, and make online payments. You can enter your time from your desktop, the Web or your iPhone.

5. Chrometa


Chrometa is a time-tracking app that runs in the background of your computer and tracks all of your activity so you can pull reports and see where your time is going. It can also be used to track time on projects, categorize time and improve productivity.

6. ClickTime


ClickTime is an online timesheet system that helps you track time, and manage billing and payroll. Features include secure servers, a central dashboard display and comprehensive reporting.

7. Easy Time Tracking

easy time tracking

Easy Time Tracking is a web-based time tracking and billing software that has a built-in timer with an idle time function. You can also customize time and expense reports, create invoices and track and manage your entire team's time.

8. Fanurio


Fanurio is a time tracking and billing application that lets you track time, set reminders, generate reports, create invoices and manage finances. It's an installed app for most operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix.

9. Freckle


Freckle is a time tracking app for individual business owners and teams. You can track your time for billable and non-billable work, run reports, keep track of time spent by everyone on your team, generate invoices and export data.

10. Harvest


Harvest is an online tool for tracking, analyzing and billing for time. Harvest lets you and your staff track time and send invoices, create visual reports and collect online payments.

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