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Small Business Finance and Small Business Loans

All about money for small business. Handling, managing, finding, and protecting capital for your business.

4 Places to Find the Money to Start a Business
Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding the money to start a small business. These four ideas will help you identify the best way to raise startup capital.

How to Bootstrap Your Small Business from the Ground Up
Bootstrapping can be a great way to stretch a limited amount of money in your small business and do more with less. These tips will help you bootstrap effectively in any stage of your business life cycle.

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line
Need a quick influx of cash in your small business? These five ideas will help you identify the best ways to boost your income in your small business quickly and effectively.

10 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow
Keep your small business cash flow healthy with these tips.

10 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow
Keep your small business cash flow healthy with these tips.

Four Ways Fund Your Business on a Bootstrap Budget
It is possible to find capital for your small business on a bootstrap budget. This article outlines four options that help you avoid loans and credit card debt.

7 Tips for Running Your Business on a Bootstrap Budget
If you are determined to grow your business on a bootstrap budget, you need to make some smart decisions. This article outlines a few tips to get you started.

How to Rejuvenate Your Small Business After a Financial Setback
A financial setback can be an opportunity to improve your small business and make it more profitable in the long term. These tips will get you started.

Top 5 Bootstrap Marketing Techniques Every Small Business Owner Should Use
If you're looking for ways to cut costs and save money in your business, bootstrap marketing is one way to do it. These five techniques will help you make the most of a small business budget.

How to Plan for Retirement as a Small Business Owner
Retirement planning for small business owners can be a daunting process, but it's possible to create a realistic retirement plan if you start early and stay consistent. The tips in this article will help you get started.

How to Raise Your Small Business Rates without Losing Clients
Is it time to raise your rates in your small business? These tips will help you charge what you deserve and incorporate a higher rate while strengthening your client relationships.

6 Signs That It Is Time to Raise Your Rates
Use these signs to determine if you should raise your small business rates.

What You Need to Know About Small Business Credit
Small business credit can be a useful tool for small business owners. Use these tips to use small business credit wisely to start and grow your business.

5 Places to Find a Small Business Grant
Small business grants may be hard to find, but they are out there. This article will help you identify grant opportunities for your business.

Small Business Bartering 101
Small business bartering can be an effective and affordable way to grow your business. Here is what you need to know before you get started.

Small Business Funding and Financing: Finding the Money for Your Business
Finding small business funding is one of the survival skills needed for small business success. Whether you're a start up or growing business, learning the basics of raising capital will go a long way to ensure you stay in business.

5 Small Business Loan Tips
As most business owners will come to know, obtaining a small business loan can be a trying ordeal. Learn what you need to know about getting a small business loan for your business.

The 5 C's of Small Business Loans Qualification
When banks start to tighten lending to the small business market, they look to reduce the risk of issuing a small business loan. To qualify, a small business must understand the risk assessment processes bankers use in loan determinations.

The New Elevator Pitch
The standard elevator pitch is under going a face lift with new media. From reality pitches to Twitpitch, getting clients or investors attention may never be the same again.

Is an IPO Right for Your Business?
An IPO can be an exciting opportunity because it's one way to obtain new capital that can help your company grow and succeed. Despite the lure of such an infusion of cash, an IPO isn't always right for everyone. Discover if and when the time is right for you and your business to "go public."

Debt and Equity Financing: Two Options for Financing Your Small Business
Debt and equity financing are two different financial strategies: Taking on debt means borrowing money for your business, whereas gaining equity entails injecting your own or other stakeholders’ cash into your company.

Small Business Administration Loan Programs Can Help Your Company Grow
The Small Business Administration helps facilitate loans for small businesses. If you think you might need a backer to secure funding, startup SBA loan programs could help your small business find its footing.

Juggling Time to Find an Angel Investor
On a wing and a prayer, an angel investor can help take your company to the next level in one swoop. At what time in your company's lifecycle are angel investors a best option?

6 Steps to Effective Small Business Credit Card Management
With the growing popularity of small business credit cards and ever changing interest rates, now is the time to learn the 6 steps to effective small business credit card management.

Small Business Loan 101
Learn what you need to know to clinch the loan deal. As a small business owner, your most difficult task is finding the money to operate your business. Taking the necessary steps to prepare for a small business loan can minimize the difficulty.

What Check 21 Means to Your Business
Any business operating a business deposit bank account in the U.S., must know the implications of Check 21. Learn what your business needs to know about the new act.

Taking the Accounts Receivable Financing Plunge
When regular small business financing such as loans and credit are limited, some business owners will turn to accounts receivable financing. Is accounts receivable financing right for your business?

Financing Your Business by Private Placement
Private placement offers a viable form of small business financing without the constraints of taking a company public and conceding control.

Free-Up Working Capital in Two Words
Many businesses are asset rich and cash poor. It is possible to free-up working capital and have cash to grow your business in two words.

Small Business Banking 101
Mixing your personal bank account with business is like oil and water, they don't mix. Learn the five reasons not to mix personal & business banking.

Signs Along The Bumpy Road of Business
Operating a successful business requires the ability to see the road ahead. Many businesses fail or go bankrupt simply because the signs were ignored. Take the time to learn the danger signs that can ground your company. The journey will go much straighter in the end.

Getting a Small Business Loan Starts with You
The first place to start when it comes to finding a bank loan or credit for your business is not with your banker, accountant or lawyer but with you. A guide to your personal credit history.

Discover the Rewards of Small Business Bartering
Bartering is a must have success tactic for operating your small business. Learn how bartering can help your small business.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Credit Card Fraud
The explosion in credit card fraud is costing businesses more than consumers. Reason being is consumers enjoy plenty of built-in protections and legal remedies against of credit card fraud. Learn the 10 Steps to Minimizing Credit Card Fraud/

Business Trusts: Scam or Savior?
You may be familiar with the multiple forms of incorporation including sole proprietorship, the limited liability corporation (LLC) and C corporations. However, a less common structure referred to as a business trust has begun to garner some attention. L

Six Ways to Prepare for Deflation
The big "D" word is creeping into the vocabulary of economists and market watchers. This article is what you need to know about deflation and your small business.

174 Types of Capital Defined
Businessfinance.com offers an exhaustive, comprehensive funding directory. This directory covers over 174 kinds of business funding available with definitions and explanations. Learn about bridge loans financing, swing loans or turnaround capital along with plenty of other sources of funding for your business.

Business Credit Forms
FindLaw is a top online legal resource and for small business credit they have all types of credit forms for companies. Includes finance agreements, credit applications, debt collection forms, promissory notes and checklists.

Credit Card Processing
BusinessWeek Online BuyerZone has an online form to submit a request for a quote on credit card processing. Fill-in a brief 10 question online form to get the best quote to match your business needs. (U.S. only)

Directory of Commercial Lenders
DMOZ the open directory project lists over 200 commercial lenders available in the U.S. An alphabetical listing with brief explanation of the site.

Lending Activity of Banks in your State.
This site is an absolute must for any small business owner in the process of selecting a bank for credit or a loan. The SBA Office of Advocacy provides an analysis of the data released by the Federal Reserve on the lending activity of about 8,500 individual reporting commercial banks in the United States. Make the best choice in selecting a local bank for your business credit.

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