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Business Card Samples & Templates

Business card samples, templates, articles, and resources for small business. Make sure your business card makes the right impression.
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Does Your Business Card Pass the Trash Test?
Reach in your wallet and pull out your business card. Your Small Business Information guide has put together the business card test. Learn if your business card will pass or be trashed.

Is An Unusual Business Card Design Right for You?
Since 90+% of business cards designed are printed in black ink on white card stock, different is often better. Business success depends on showing potential customers that you're different and better than your competitors.

Make Your Business Card Useful
Business card tips from Small Business Canada Guide, Susan Ward. Learn how to make your business card more valuable.

Catalog of Business Card Templates
Need ideas for business card design for your industry? This website has business card templates for categories ranging from florists to telecom.

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