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Readers Respond: What Makes Your Business Unique?

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A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that succinctly outlines how your business is different from the competition. It is a promise you make to your target audience that spells out what is different about your business that makes it the obvious and best choice.

Your USP can be an important part of your branding by helping to make your business memorable. As you write your unique selling proposition, review these example USPs developed by other small businesses, and add your own to the list to inspire others.

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Accountan's USP

We help small businesses save taxes legally, effortlessly without incurring a lot of cost

It's Mow Time

This is my USP I will save you time if you have guests arriving, give you back your weekends, mow your lawn in all weather If I cannot guarantee you any of the above, your next mowing service is free Please let me know if I can make a stronger USP. Thanks Garry
—Guest Garry Atkinson

Managing Partner

Our company works with start-ups and small business to get them up and running. We also provide regular networking opportunities to market our clients. Our USP is Your Business. Our Priority.
—Guest Elaine

Hype Up Your Day

The USP for Hype Up Your Day LLC (A business that creates packages to increase motivation and productivity of employees is): Hype strategies for hype business results.
—Guest Nihar Suthar

New Avenue of Marketing

Star Toilet Paper is a company that prints ads and coupons on toilet paper. We provide low-priced toilet paper with ads (which cost just half a cent each) for consumers to get the best deals around. A win-win for everyone!
—Guest Bryan

Footwear with a Twist

Totally unique are our iTwist sport sandals and shoes with patented technology that actually reverses to change color. Plus there are no parts to lose. Just one pair...but four ways to wear. Our USP is "Footwear with a Twist."
—Guest Ray

Outrageous USP

The USP for my company, Outrageous Local Marketing, is: OUTRAGEOUS marketing with superior, measurable results.
—Guest Jason

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What Makes Your Business Unique?

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