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Starting a Business


Taking the challenging road to starting a business doesn't have to be back-breaking. Every start up goes through similar fundamentals; choosing a business structure, finding a great name, dealing with red tape and more.
  1. Before Starting a Business
  2. Goal Setting for Small Business Owners
  3. Starting a Business Tips and Advice
  4. Small Business Ideas
  1. Naming Your Business
  2. Business Planning Basics
  3. Buying a Franchise

Before Starting a Business

There are many different considerations that go into the decision of whether or not you should start a business. Explore all of the possibilities before committing to becoming a small business owner.

Goal Setting for Small Business Owners

Every small business owner, regardless of where they are in the business life cycle, needs goals to keep them moving forward. These resources will help you create a process for setting, tracking and achieving your goals.

Starting a Business Tips and Advice

Starting a small business requires determination, motivation, and know-how. Here's what you need for a successful small business startup.

Small Business Ideas

Are you ready to start a business, but aren't sure which business idea is the best opportunity for you? Here is a collection of business ideas to get you started.

Naming Your Business

Naming your business can be one of the most important and potentially challenging steps of starting a business. These articles will walk you through the process of how to name a business, share a few important things to consider, and provide tools to help you overcome your business-naming challenges.

Business Planning Basics

Whether you are seeking venture capital, bank loans or just want to get your business on the right track, business planning is one essential step to success.

Buying a Franchise

One option for starting a business is buying a franchise. Explore the possibilities of becoming a franchise owner.

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