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Small Business Opportunity: Junk Removal One Man's Treasure


In this day and age of high tech, trash removal appears to be a drab and unexciting business. Brian Scudamore of Vancouver, B.C. found opportunity in a business lacking in professionalism and good business practices. Scudamore's business 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the first junk removal franchise with 300 franchises throughout North America and Australia. With a friendly, professional image, 1-800-GOT-JUNK is cleaning up the fly-by-night industry.

Junk removal companies typically will remove any junk from furniture and sod to old computers except hazardous materials. To keep dump yard costs low, a good practice is to donate or recycle as much of the junk as possible. Anticipate more business in the spring and summer as junk removal demand peaks. Investments include a clean, professional truck and business insurance.

Driving Force: The main force of the junk removal business is the same change that shaped the painting and lawn care industries; a focus on the customer. Customers want a professional image, exceptional service, and fair pricing. Any industry that fails to meet these essential needs is ripe for change.

Risks: The lack of viable barriers to entry into the market represents a bigger risk. Be prepared to innovate especially if this fragmented industry decides to clean up its act with better trucks, branding, and exceptional customer service.

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