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Top 10 Home Business Opportunities


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Home is where the heart is and more frequently, the business is. The appeal of operating a home business is tantalizing to millions of cube workers who want more freedom and control over their lives.

According to American Community Survey data by the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spend more than 100 hours commuting to work annually. Nationally, the average daily commute to work is about 24.3 minutes. This is greater than the 80 hours or two weeks of vacation time taken by workers yearly. No wonder the appeal of commuting to a home business is widely appealing.

Older but growing home business opportunities offer start up entrepreneurs the chance to enter a proven industry and spend less time and selling skills to educate the market. While a newer home businesses opportunity has greater need to educate the market but the higher profit potential and reduced competitive landscape can be enticing for new start ups.

Here what's hot for home business opportunities:

1.Pet Sitting: Imagine the perfect home-based business where you get paid to walk and enjoy the companionship of pets. A pet is often the "children" of the family in more homes today as Americans spend more than $34 billion a year pampering their pets.

Darlene Ehlers of Pampered Pets Home Care in Blue Jay, Ohio and Pet Sitter of the Year couldn't imagine the potential of a home-based business opportunity. "I started as a part-time business and never dreamt it would be a full-time business. It just keep growing and growing," says Darlene.

With busy work schedules and the choice of leaving their "best friend" in a kennel, more and more pet owners are hiring the services of a pet sitter to walk the dog and provide companionship while at work. With the current dog and cat population in the U.S. at 135 million, according to The Pet Food Institute, this is one home business that should purr for years to come.

2. E-Bay Aftermarket: Small business is big business. It's the reason why big corporations have entered the game with increased focus over the last few years. One new niche market created is from the E-Bay phenomena. Over 700,000 businesses use E-Bay as a marketplace to connect with consumers.

Small business needs services to compete in the growing E-Bay market. Helping companies conduct market research, pricing strategies, shipping, and competitive analysis in the E-Bay market will be a niche business at home with very few commuting hours.

3. Home-based Debt Collection Agency: Debt has become a way of life for many Americans. According to the Federal Reserve Board, consumer debt is at a record high of $2.6 trillion as of 2008 and continues to grow. All the outstanding, unsecured debt has become a multi-billion dollar business for the 6,000 plus debt collection agencies.

"In debt collection as well as starting any home based business, you will need to continue to educate yourself on laws pertaining to debt collection and small business, especially home based. Some laws are specific to home based rather than an office based business," says Michelle Dunn, author of "Starting a Collection Agency." Dunn tells those considering starting in the collection business to gain outside experience even a part-time job as a collector.

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