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Set Up Your Home Office or Business Office


One of the multitude of tasks in starting a business is the setting up of your office. There are many steps in office set up including where to locate your office (home or office space), buying the necessary office equipment, designing your work space and getting supplies. Use the following information to guide you in your office set up:

Buy or Lease Office Space: The answer to lease or buy office space is not clear-cut. Your decision will hinge on financial, tax, and personal issues. Be certain to educate yourself on this all important decision in your business.

The Home Office Choice: It often makes the most financial sense for a business start up to set up shop at home. Your business needs to carefully monitor start up costs and a home office can shave expenses off the top and add greatly to your bottom line.

Shared Office Space: It makes sense to choose your office space like any business decision to look at the alternatives and determine your best course of action. One cost-effective alternative to traditional office leasing is the shared office space.

Designing Your Office: The right home office design can help you reduce stress, improve productivity, and in the end, enhance the profits of your small business.

Office Equipment Essentials: Buying all the necessary office equipment for your business is more exciting than crunching the numbers. This area of setting up a home or business office can quickly escalate costs out-of-control without a clear guide of what is needed and what is nice to have.

Required Office Supplies: Time is money in all businesses. Buy all your needed office supplies while you set up your business and save yourself countless trips to the office supply store.

Computer Work Space: An often overlooked aspect of setting up a business office is your computer workspace. Improper design of your computer work space can lead to headaches, backaches, neck aches and much more.

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