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A complete listing to the best web market research links and resources for small business.

What is a Focus Group?
Focus groups defined, including a look at the benefits and disadvantages of conducting a focus group.

How to Ask Clients for Feedback
Asking for and using client feedback is an important part of growing a business. These tips will help you learn from your clients so you can improve your business.

SWOT Analysis of Kroger Co.
To gain an understanding of a SWOT analysis, this article will provide a SWOT analysis of Kroger Co.

Better Profits Through Buyers Perceptions
Making money in your small business comes from understanding your customer. As much as we like to believe as consumers that business can’t influence us, the human psyche behaves in predictable ways. It all comes down to perceptions.

6 Common Market Research Mistakes of Small Business
Avoid these 6 common mistakes in market research for small business. It's absurd how many businesses are launched without ever talking to a single potential customer. Avoid the common errors and use market research wisely to position your business for success.

Customer Data Mining Software Solutions
Building a customer database is a snap with an off-shelf desktop database. Leave your competitors behind by using an affordable customer data mining solution.

Make Your Business Search Smart
The fast-growing skill of the business professional is and will continue to be the use of knowledge. This translates into the ability to find and use critical information to make the best business decisions. If you or someone on your staff is not savvy enough to search for business information and put it to use than your business will be out maneuvered and out of business.

Find Your Business Life Cycle
With the passage of time, your company will go through various stages of the business life cycle. Learn what upcoming focuses, challenges and financing sources you will need to succeed.

Spinning Customer Data into Gold
Your small business may have a potential gold mine of customer data. Do you know how to collect and use this vital information? Expand your understanding of customer data and experience profound insight to improve your small business profits.

A Business Owner's Secret Weapon: Swot Analysis
The SWOT analysis is a business tool available in the tool box of any small business owner. Learn how to apply a SWOT analysis to your business, and position yourself ahead of competitors.

Legal & Ethical Sources of Competitive Intelligence
Management About.com guide John Rey explains all the ethical and legal sources you can use for competitive intelligence. Be sure to visit his link to annotated competitive intelligence sources.

Company & Industry Market Research
Hoover's Inc. provides access to free and paid market research with extensive coverage of over 12 million companies. The free data maybe extensive enough for most small businesses. Company capsules include overview, top competitors, SEC filings, press releases and financial data.

Market Trends and Forces
Sharp Market Intelligence provides an understanding of forces external to the industry which may impact the business. In a changing world, a business cannot rely solely on a deep understanding of the industry. Sharp uncovers uncover market drivers, substitute products or services, unknown customers, alternative uses, emerging competitors, as well as current competitor's strategies.

Press Releases
A useful site to stay current on your industry and competitors is PRnewswire.com. PRNewswire covers some 40,000 global organizations media releases. Another handy link on the home page is trade shows for all the coverage you may need for shows you didn't attend but wish you did.

U.S. Census Bureau
No market research would be complete without data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Be sure to check out the gateway to the 2000 census for tons of facts on all markets. The other three main links for data are organized by people, business and geography. Want the fastest 100 growing counties for your expansion plans then popular tables at population estimates will take you there.

U.S. Demographic Trends
CensusScope provides simple-to-use charts, maps and graphs for demographic information brought to you by the University of Michigan's Social Science Data Analysis Network. Great data charts and graphs to click and paste into your business plans or presentations.

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