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5 Online Payment Services to Help Small Business Owners Get Paid


All small business owners rely on getting paid by their customers on time and in full in order to keep up with the cost of operating the business. When payments come in late on a regular basis, the business can face a financial struggle, which is something no business owner wants to deal with. 

The good news it that there are some actions you can take to help your clients pay you more efficiently. One of those actions is making it easy for clients to submit payment by using an online payment service. Here are five online payment services that can take the stress out of the payment process in your small business.

1. Amazon Payments

amazon payments

Amazon Payments is a small business-friendly option for getting paid online. The service easily integrates into your existing website, and allows customers to pay instantly for a variety of digital goods and services.

It's a streamlined solution from the customer's perspective as well because they can pay you directly simply by using the payment information stored in their Amazon.com accounts.

2. Authorize.net


Authorize.net is a payment gateway service provider that works with your existing merchant account to accept credit cards and electronic checks through your website.

The service allows you to provide your clients with a professional payment option that doesn't require exiting to a third-party site, lending credibility to your business.

3. Google Checkout

Google checkout

Google Checkout is a payment option that makes the process of invoicing and collecting payment as easy as sending an email. You can generate and email invoices directly in the Google Checkout Merchant Center, and your customers can pay you quickly and easily with a single login.

Google Checkout also boasts an industry-leading fraud protection program that keeps you safe from fraud while helping you lower costs and increase sales.

4. Intuit QuickBooks Payments

Intuit QuickBooks Payments

This service streamlines your invoicing and gets you paid faster by integrating directly with QuickBooks. When you sign up for a merchant account, the service allows you to get paid online via credit card from any invoice you generate, whether it is mailed, emailed, faxed or printed.

Your customers can also access their own 24/7 online Customer Account Center, which is a personalized and password-protected Web page where they can view their billing history and pay their invoices.

5. PayPal


PayPal is a very popular online payment option that allows small business owners to accept online payments without having a traditional merchant account.

Through PayPal business services, you can accept credit cards online or by phone. You can also generate and track invoices through your PayPal account so you get paid faster.

When selecting a service to process online payments, be sure to explore the transaction fees as they will vary from one service to the next.
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