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Business Plan Help for the Overwhelmed Small Business Owner
If you are struggling to write a business plan, help is here! This guide will explain why a business plan is a must-have for most small businesses, walk you through some of the most important background information you need to collect for your business plan, and help you get started with a business plan outline.

How to Write a Business Plan: Business Plan Outline for Small Business
An overview of all of the main sections of a business plan, with links to expanded descriptions, examples and tips for writing each section of your business plan effectively.

Do You Really Need a Business Plan?
Business plans can be one of the most effective tools for the small business owner who is starting, growing and even managing a business. Here are some reasons why writing a business plan is a good idea.

How to Write a Simple Business Plan
This simple business plan exercise provides a quick and painless start to the business planning process by asking you a series of questions about your business, your goals and your future plans.

Do You Have a Business Plan?
While business plans are not required to start a small business, they can certainly be a useful tool for any entrepreneur. Share your business plan format and how it has helped your business.

SWOT Analysis for Small Business
An overview of the process involved in conducting a SWOT analysis, including a explanation, questions to ask, tips on how to use the data, and a sample SWOT matrix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Plans
Before you begin writing a business plan, learn the FAQ's of business planning. Includes common mistakes made when writing a business plan, business plan software, and consultants.

Creating Your Business Plan Financials
Your business plan financials are essential for lenders and investors who want to see hard figures before putting money into your business. Solid financials could help you get loans and attract investors, even if you aren't operating yet.

Sales Forecasting for Your Business Plan: Know Your Numbers
While conventional wisdom dictates that cash flow and revenue projections are the key to taking control of your business, sales will drive many of the other numbers. Sales forecasting is a key element of any business plan, which you must compose if youre starting a venture or making significant changes within an existing business.

Writing a Meaningful Mission Statement
Is a personal and corporate mission statement necessary for success in today's hostile business climate? Learn the 3 key ingredients of meaningful mission statements. Explore sample mission statements for ideas to write your own mission.

A Business Owner's Secret Weapon: Swot Analysis
The SWOT analysis is a business tool available in the tool box of any small business owner. Learn how to apply a SWOT analysis to your business and position yourself ahead of competitors.

Post Your Business Plan to Investors.
VFinance.com offers business plan services and access to capital networks. "Each year, the site hosts more than one million investors and CEOs from over 50 countries." Most impressive is the post your plan feature to gain access to this wide network of investors.

One Page Business Plan
If you don't need a business plan to raise money but instead to refocus your company the One Page Business Plan Company offers a refreshing alternative. Included are samples of one page plans to help align your company mission, strategy and plans. This site includes the best selling book "The One Page Business Plan" by Jim Horan.

Business Plan Software & Tools
From Palo Alto Software Inc comes the website bplans.com. A great resource with expert questions & answers, over 60 free sample plans and the award-winning Business Plan Pro software. Business Plan Pro 2003 available in U.S., Canadian, UK and Spanish versions.

How to Write the Executive Summary
An explanation of the executive summary section of a small business plan, what it should include, how it should be written, and tips for writing an effective executive summary.

How to Write a Company Description
An overview of the company description section of a small business plan.

How to Write the Products or Services Section
An overview of the products or services section of a small business plan, including what should be included and tips for writing an effective products and services section.

How to Write the Market Analysis Section
A description of the market analysis section of a small business plan, what should be included, a sample market analysis and tips for writing an effective market analysis section.

How to Write a Marketing Strategy
A description of the marketing strategy section of a small business plan, what should be included, a sample marketing strategy and tips for writing an effective marketing strategy section.

How to Write the Management Summary
A description of the management summary section of a small business plan, what should be included, a sample management summary and tips for writing an effective management summary section.

How to Write the Financial Analysis
A description of the financial analysis section of a small business plan, what should be included, a sample financial analysis and tips for writing an effective financial analysis section.

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