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How should my business blog be organized?


Question: How should my business blog be organized?

A good blog will adhere to the principles of good content management. Some important key principles to keep in mind are:

  • Create Categories: Blog design needs to follow a logical structure of categories organized for the intended audience. Create a list of categories appropriate for your audience. Make sure all categories are equally weighted. A category with one posting is poor content management unless you have just added the new category.[/p[]
  • Review Organization: Periodically review your blogs categories to determine what to add, delete, or update. Many fields will undergo new advances requiring new coverage.

  • Reach All of Your Audience: A very common challenge for editors is to master a subject area, then feeling less challenged, move to more advanced coverage of a topic. Always write for your most basic visitor. Create a glossary for easier understanding. The more advanced visitors to your business blog will represent an important but smaller audience. You can create informational material for them but always put the needs of the beginner first.

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