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30 Web Conferencing Tools

Web Conferencing Services that Let You Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere


Web conferencing tools are a must-have for effective delegation, especially if everyone on your team is not in the same location. Just as teleconferencing services are perfect for team phone meetings, Web conferencing tools allow you to conduct live meetings and interact with your team, almost as if you're sitting face to face.

Here are 30 Web conferencing tools that make it easy for small business owners to delegate effectively and collaborate with team members, wherever they are.

1. ACT Conferencing

act conferencing
ACT is a web conferencing service that helps you collaborate, share and present your content to your team or clients. They offer solutions from everyday meetings via web conference, to presentations for thousands of viewers.

2. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro allows you to create instant, collaborative meetings with just a Web browser and the Adobe Flash Player. You can share your screen, customize the interface, incorporate various training features (create content on the fly, track progress, reports) and edit recordings.

3. Arkadin

Arkadin provides Web conferencing services that include a user-friendly online workspace to make it easy to collaborate remotely with co-workers, clients and other business contacts around the globe. You can deliver slide presentations, share access to your computer desktop, review documents and generate post-conference reports.

4. BeamYourScreen

BeamYourScreen is a desktop sharing and online collaboration application that enables from one to 25 people to see your computer screen live over the Internet. You can grant remote control rights to participants, transfer files, record and playback the session, and generate usage reports.

5. Cisco WebEx

WebEx is an easy way to share ideas with anyone, anywhere. It combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. Users can deliver presentations, show documents, demonstrate any application, brainstorm in real time and share control of the session.

6. Elluminate

Elluminate is a virtual environment optimized for learning that enables world-class communication, collaboration and education. You can share through an interactive whiteboard and applications, audio and instant messaging, while creating content and use editing tools, transferring files, and recording sessions.

7. eZmeeting


eZmeeting is an interactive online collaboration service that helps professionals connect and work with clients and consultants, regardless of their location. You can share your desktop, collaborate, mark up and redline documents, transfer files and chat via instant messaging.

8. Freebinar

Freebinar is an advertiser-supported tool that gives users access to free webinar services. Users can share their screen, brand the interface, broadcast audio, chat and access reports.

9. Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting
Fuze Meeting is a Web conferencing tool that lets you share everything on your screen in high resolution with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Features include high definition content, desktop sharing, easy-to-use interface, mobile apps and meeting recording.

10. GatherPlace

GatherPlace provides a cross-platform voice and Web conferencing service that enables small businesses to easily reach customers, resellers and team members around the world. Users can share and view desktops, chat, record sessions and integrate the service into their websites.
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